Defensive Backs
Muhammad Akbar Reid
(1.) Graduate With my Degree (2.) Break 10 Division 1 NCAA records at my position(s) (3.) Win a NCAA Division 1 championship (4.) Play in the NFL (إن شاء الله‎) (5.) Generate a successful business with my degree
Anthony Estrada
My future goal is to graduate high school and to attend a four year university.
Michael A Frazier
Go into college for law enforcement or any medical field and play college football while I'm getting an education.
Patrick Wilson
My goal is to play football at a leading academic university. I'm a well-rounded student athlete with talent, drive and skills to be a successful person in and outside of sports. After college my goal is to pursue a career in engineering and be active in my community to make a different.
Christian Estrella
It's always been my dream to play at the collegiate level. I am very willing and eager to learn, and want to make a huge contribution to your team's future successes though my football knowledge and skill set.
János Zilai
I started to play football against adult players when I was 15. In 2017 I will play for the Dunaújváros Gorillaz in the Hungarian Football League. I am a freshman at University of Pécs with physical education major and also a starter of the under19 national team.
Andre Sullivan
Either Persue my life long goal to be a Professional Football player but if things do not go as according, Continue School and become a High Sales Real E-State Agent
Tyerell Stuges- Cofer
Go to D1 collage
Joe Jackson
To be the best student athlete and teammate possible. Give 100% with everything I do.
Quamon J. Person
to play college sports & finish school through college and play a pro sport if not then get a good job and start my own family.
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