Wide Receivers
Mattanyah Freeman
To play at the next level at the best of my abilities
Patrick Wilson
My goal is to play football at a leading academic university. I'm a well-rounded student athlete with talent, drive and skills to be a successful person in and outside of sports. After college my goal is to pursue a career in engineering and be active in my community to make a different.
Zachary Ikaika Mercado
Zac Ikaika Mercado, #7, 14yrs, 8th grade, 3.8-4.0 GPA class of 2022. My goal is to get exposure in hopes of getting offers from private high schools and from colleges. I strive for greatness everyday academically and athletically to lead by example for my siblings, team, peers and community.
Jah'Tavien Wright
My goal is to go to college with a competitive football program, while also offering outstanding educational opportunities.. I want to accomplish my goals then try to pass them for an even higher goal. Hard work beats talent. I plan on working hard everyday
Kevin Mendez Rodriguez
My Future goal is to play at the college level i am satisfied with DI or DII
Liam Capobianco
So far I have been invited to play with the USA Football Team in the development games, been invited to play in the NUC Texas vs the world game, invited to the NUC 5 Star showcase, invited to the Nokaoi football showcase, and have interest from schools.
Joe Jackson
To be the best student athlete and teammate possible. Give 100% with everything I do.
Quamon J. Person
to play college sports & finish school through college and play a pro sport if not then get a good job and start my own family.
Jordan Bowden
My goal is to be a part of a brotherhood that will forever have a special place in my heart. Not only to play football but to excell in my academics as well.
Cameron Abrams
My goal is to be the best. I want to be the best at everything I do. Whether it is in practice or in a game. I want to be the best athlete on the field at all times. I want to be respected and recognized as the best. I also want to play with the best and win championships with them.
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