Muhammad Akbar Reid
(1.) Graduate With my Degree (2.) Break 10 Division 1 NCAA records at my position(s) (3.) Win a NCAA Division 1 championship (4.) Play in the NFL (إن شاء الله‎) (5.) Generate a successful business with my degree
Stephen C. Boyd Jr.
In my I want to play division 1 football and also be a mechanical or electrical engineer
JovanI Duran
Be the best person I can be for myself and my future
James Ramacca
To continue to excel on and off the field. To continue to make my coaches and parents proud. To continue to be an asset to my team. To give 110 every moment on the field. A D1 school is my dream. I have been lucky enough to play in several All American games as well as the International Bowl.
Precious bolaji
Be a team leader Get a football scholarship Improve grades
T'khi Wood-Smith
My future goals are to play at the collegiate level and later, hopefully play in the NFL.
Matthew Palumbo
My future goals are simple. I want to use football as a tool to further my education, and also to give me all the skills and character traits a person needs to be successful in life.
Jordan Lewis
To surpass the greats of the game of football. Whenever someone talks about greatness, I want jordan lewis to come out of their mouths.
Umari Taylor
I plan on playing D1-A football and futhering my education
Tristan Yarbrough
I want to play college ball at a D1 school while earning a degree in business. I'm hardworking, determined, and coachable I hope this helps me get in to a good school with a good team. I want to play football at the next level because I love the game and I want to earn a good education.
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