Michael A Frazier
Go into college for law enforcement or any medical field and play college football while I'm getting an education.
Jovi Proctor
To make my mother that past away and family proud. To also get a D1 scholarship and to just improve my skills at running back to the fullest extent.
Terrance Duckworth Jr
Play college football and get my masters
Johnny Rupp
I am always working to improve my skills as well as training to get bigger, faster and stronger. I am very coachable and strive to be one of the hardest working players and one of the hardest working recruits you’ll find on the field in the weight room and in the classroom.
Jake Tewart
To win league titles, go far in the playoffs, develop my skills, play QB in college while getting my degree. I am extremely competitive, extremely hard working & have a desire to lead. http://www.hudl.com/v/BNLqb
go to college to play football
Weston Bridges
To Make My Family Proud & Go To A Big D1. Really Want To Make It To The NFL. Football Is My Everything .. Check Out My Sophomore Highlights.. Weston Bridges @ Hudl.com
Jeff Kaczmarek
Play college football and eventually become a coach and potential history teacher.
Daichi Castles
Top 200 in the state of Ohio. D1 Bound.
Malik Williams
I feel that coaches should recruit me because I'm a fast player, I fill gaps, whatever comes my way does not go untouched my mentality in the game is see ball get ball but also understanding my responsibilities while I'm playing. I'm a hard hitter & you won't be disappointed with what you see.
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