Running Backs
Muhammad Akbar Reid
(1.) Graduate With my Degree (2.) Break 10 Division 1 NCAA records at my position(s) (3.) Win a NCAA Division 1 championship (4.) Play in the NFL (إن شاء الله‎) (5.) Generate a successful business with my degree
Anthony Estrada
My future goal is to graduate high school and to attend a four year university.
Mattanyah Freeman
To get my college degree while playing for a great college football team.
Mattanyah Freeman
To play at the next level at the best of my abilities
Johnny Ray Naylor
I was previously set to play running back at Mount Ida college in Newton,MA. I am a hardworking player and student and looking for a place to further my education and continue to play the game i love.
Joseph Giberson
I really want to get at least a full DI scholarship to the ducks. And get drafted to the NFL
Jordan Hart
I want to chase my dreams to be an NFL player but i need a great college to go to first.
Zachary Ikaika Mercado
Zac Ikaika Mercado, #7, 14yrs, 8th grade, 3.8-4.0 GPA class of 2022. My goal is to get exposure in hopes of getting offers from private high schools and from colleges. I strive for greatness everyday academically and athletically to lead by example for my siblings, team, peers and community.
Jah'Tavien Wright
My goal is to go to college with a competitive football program, while also offering outstanding educational opportunities.. I want to accomplish my goals then try to pass them for an even higher goal. Hard work beats talent. I plan on working hard everyday
Ian Britt
My future goals are to complete a degree program in math or science at a 4 year university
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