Muhammad Akbar Reid
(1.) Graduate With my Degree (2.) Break 10 Division 1 NCAA records at my position(s) (3.) Win a NCAA Division 1 championship (4.) Play in the NFL (إن شاء الله‎) (5.) Generate a successful business with my degree
Isiaha Mitchell
My Future Goals Are Getting A Free Education So I’ll Be Able To Continue Doing What I Love Which Is Football. I Would Like To Study Sports Medicine In College And Get My Master Degree.
Mattanyah Freeman
To get my college degree while playing for a great college football team.
Mattanyah Freeman
To play at the next level at the best of my abilities
Christian Estrella
It's always been my dream to play at the collegiate level. I am very willing and eager to learn, and want to make a huge contribution to your team's future successes though my football knowledge and skill set.
Cameron Beans
Hi! My name is Cameron Beans, I live in Visalia, CA and attend El Diamante High School. My goals for college are to succeed in whatever I put my heart and mind to.
Kevin Mendez Rodriguez
My Future goal is to play at the college level i am satisfied with DI or DII
Quamon J. Person
to play college sports & finish school through college and play a pro sport if not then get a good job and start my own family.
Lamontrez Mcmillan
My Goals is to play college football & play in the NFL and I also want to major in Education. .
Cameron Abrams
My goal is to be the best. I want to be the best at everything I do. Whether it is in practice or in a game. I want to be the best athlete on the field at all times. I want to be respected and recognized as the best. I also want to play with the best and win championships with them.
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