Wide Receivers
Aydan Fields
To become a great student athlete and change the world.
Max Weisman
Continue to progress as a person and athlete. I'm looking to further my education and football career at a top tier college. Education is a key factor for and will be huge in determining where I go. I plan on majoring in business or political science and want to be an Entrepreneur.
Jason Aaron Campbell
To play football for the university of Georgia , get a degree , and become a professional football player
Cj Harris
To go to College off of a football Scholarship
Zachary Chase Danko
Play College Football
Antuan Wade
Why Recruiters should recruit me? Recruiters should recruit me because I have all the characteristics of a Leader. Also, they should know that I will play any position just to help my team win. I've lost many times; years of losing I could actually say. I want to win.
Unique Brissett
My Future goals is to play D1 football. Play College ball.. be in the NFL
Draco Alliet
To succeed on the field, as well as the classroom. (I don't have a highlight video yet, just a couple clips)
Romairo Simpson
Finish highschool with an 80% average, get to university football maintain that 80% average then get to the pros
Blake L. Jordan
I feel that I can being very impactful on the field and will earn everything I'm given. All I need is 10% of your time and I will gain the other 100% by proving to you that I deserve to play for your team. Thanks for taking out the time to check me out and I hope to be apart of your team.
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