Jermaine Kelly Signing Day Special

Washington, USC, Oregon, Boise St

With National Signing Day finally here, Salesian standout defensive back Jermaine Kelly Jr. can add a late offer from USC to the impressive list of programs clamoring for his services. While Kelly is committed to Washington, he remains interested in Oregon, USC and Boise State and intends to evaluate his options and make a prudent decision.

"I'm blessed right now. All I can do is take it in, and listen to what they have to say, along with my family and just pray on it," said Kelly.

Kelly is looking forward to the next step in his football journey.

"I'm very excited. All of this pain and heartache will finally go away and I get to focus on the next level and get right so I can go in there and make an instant impact."

The recruiting process can be hard to navigate but Kelly has a major advantage, his father Jermaine Sr.

"My father has always been there for me since day one. He's the reason I do what I do. With all the knowledge I have from him, I have no other choice but to go out there and do it right."

The Decision.

"He's very supportive. He tells me to follow my heart and to not make choices for other people. Do what you know is right, said Kelly."

Despite the close bond with his dad, Kelly insists that distance will not play a major role in his decision.

"It really doesn't matter but it would be nice. I wouldn't say it's a complete turn on or a complete turn off. It's just a bonus. I want to do what I do, play in college and hopefully play in the NFL."

A consummate student athlete and MLK award recipient, Kelly appreciates the importance of education in his future.

"Obviously all of my choices have great academics and it all plays a big role. Now it comes down to where I want to be and what school has the best opportunity for me to play. I just have to take all of that into consideration," said Kelly.

Kelly's outstanding cover skills and hard hitting ability will be a welcomed addition for any program. For his part, Jermaine intends to make an immediate impact.

"Nobody's spot is safe, so they're giving me a chance to come in and compete," said Kelly.

As far as the arduous recruiting process is concerned, Kelly has some words of wisdom for future recruits.

"Don't go with what everybody else says. For instance, don't go to a school because they have nice uniforms. Evaluate that school and see whats' best. Don't go to a school just because your friend is going there. Choose a school that's best for you."

CLA echoes Kelly's sentiments and wishes him continued success at the next level and beyond.