Fastest Ref Ever: The Saga Continues (more coming)

World's Fastest Referee Located

A video from a high school football playoff game last Friday has gone viral. Khalil Tate scored on touchdown runs of 95 and 70 yards, respectively. Tate is a University of Arizona quarterback commit, however, the video went viral because of the mach speed of the referee.

I was able to speak with the so-called "World's Fastest Referee" via phone tonight and we'll have more later in the week. Just to satisfy your taste buds, I've thrown in a few quotes. Remember. I've only included a few. Much more to come.

World's Fastest Referee Viral Video

Fastest Referee Quotes

-"I'm what you call a freak of nature."

- "I knew what I was doing."

- "I'm a beast in the gym, that's why I can fly like that."

More to come from the interview and sit down with the World's Fastest Referee aka ??? (to be announced)

Stay-tuned. In the meantime, check out his Twitter (@FastReferee) or on Instagram (@FastReferee) !

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Aaron Plunkett (Publisher)