Top 2015 QB Josh Rosen Has 10 Scholarship Offers

2015 QB Lands UCLA Official Offer

At 6'4 215, Josh Rosen has a formidable presence on and off the football field. Rosen doesn't carry himself like the typical high school sophomore and he's well aware of this fact. According to the 2015 QB recruit, maturity comes with the territory.

"You have to become mature beyond your years very quickly, especially at the quarterback position," Rosen told CLA Sports.

Josh Rosen has a cannon and is recognized as one of the top 2015 pocket-passer QB prospects in the nation. With a combination of brains and athletic ability, Rosen has gained the attention of several BCS programs and holds offers from the likes of Michigan, Tennessee, Oregon State, Utah and Virginia.

Josh Rosen Sophomore Highlights

Yesterday, UCLA called and the Bruins made it official, giving Bosco's signal-caller his tenth scholarship offer. "Coach Mora is the one that actually called me and gave me the offer. They (UCLA) finally got up to date with their 2015 quarterback evaluations and I was at or around the top of the list and they thought I was worthy of an offer," said Rosen.

It's early in the recruiting process for Rosen and he plans to form a closer relationship with the Bruins coaching staff in the coming months. "We can get to know each other better with each phone call and visit, and see how it goes from there," says Josh.

Josh has a few schools that he's always liked and while UCLA is amongst that group, he says, "pretty much any school is awesome, considering how much money and how much time goes into a football program, to think that they trust me to be the face of their program, that's an honor. Any school I'm giving a shot, that's what the recruiting process is for."

Josh Rosen 7v7 Highlights

Recruiting has been heating up as of late for Rosen and many D1 schools will come calling before it's all said and done.

"On top of any schools I think there's a little extra that comes along with maybe Cal or Stanford. Alabama and Texas have been looking at me these last few weeks pretty seriously, so that would be pretty cool," Rosen stated.

Josh credits his success to his upbringing. As the son of two Ivy League grads, who Rosen says were "big athletes," it's no wonder he's viewed as a great leader on and off the field. The 2015 recruit carries a 4.2 GPA and thrives in the classroom.

"I originally wasn't planning on using football to get into college. I felt that if I didn't get an offer from where I want to I can apply and get into a college I want," said Rosen.

Josh plans to go to the Stanford and Cal football camps this summer, where he's hoping to pick up offers from two of his early favorites, but he's taking it all in stride.

"I'm going to this Rivals thing, Cal, Stanford, and I was talking to USC earlier and I'm going to probably try to do half a day or a day at one of their camps this June. I'm not too stressed about all the camps and what not. We'll see if it works out. If it doesn't they'll have plenty of opportunities to see me in person and I'll have plenty of opportunities to see them and get to know how the program works," said Rosen.

Josh Rosen Recruiting Interview w/ Shay Fields

St. John Bosco has several D1 bound college level athletes, with 2014 recruits like Naijiel Hale, Jaleel Wadood, Shay Fields, Chandler Leniu, Malik Dorton and others who hold official offers from some of the nation's top schools.

Look for Rosen to lead Bosco back into the CIF Playoffs this season with a loaded team that's ready to avenge last season's loss to LB Poly and claim a berth in the State Championship.

CLA will be on the sidelines with St. John Bosco this season to watch the Braves up close and personal once again. Stay-tuned for more coverage.