CLA Highlight Breakdown: Adoree' Jackson Discusses "The Flip" Touchdown

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It's different being a champion. It's a fraternity that can only be shared by those who have hoisted that glorious trophy. Last Saturday night at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA, it was Gardena Serra junior Adoree' Jackson who took home the title of CIF State Champion for the second time in 2012.

As a sophomore earlier this year, Adoree' won the CIF State Boys Long Jump title with a jump of 25' 1/2" and the closest jump didn't even clear 24 feet.

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Attention is a byproduct of success and after proving to be one of the most successful high school football players in California in all three aspects of the game this season, offense, defense and special teams, Adoree' Jackson has officially captured your attention.

"It felt great being on ESPN. I heard people talking about it but I didn't know what they were talking about, so I just turned the channel to it, and then all of the sudden I was just on there. They showed my flip. It was just cool because you always think about doing that and having your plays on there (ESPN)," Adoree' told CLA Sports today.

If you know Adoree' then you're likely accustomed to seeing him make plays, but even those who have witnessed insane touchdown runs of his throughout the season didn't know what to think. The first word that came to people's minds was "Hello," in reference to the television commercial where a video goes viral that shows a player flipping over a defender and running for a touchdown.

The following Monday after the game the Serra High School campus was buzzing about the touchdown in the CIF State Championship victory by Adoree' Knows. "It's funny because I remember I was in school and I was walking up to the locker and this lady that was at the game, she said they call me 'Mr. Hello' and that's what everybody was saying in the stands," he said.

"It was nice seeing that and then all the school teachers congratulating us every where we go. Some teachers I had never seen or knew, some teachers that I think I've never talked to in my life coming up and congratulating me it was nice. All the kids coming up to you congratulating you about the game, it was awesome."

Before Adoree' scored his first touchdown on a 50-yard strike from junior QB Jalen Greene, he talked it over with senior defensive back Keanu Hill. "I said I'll do something if I get in the end zone, but the first time I scored I didn't do nothing', so I was like, 'I gotta do something now.' So when I jumped in the end zone I didn't think he (defender) was going to run towards me. I thought he was going to stop because I had already crossed the plain… because I reached the ball out, and by the time I seen him come towards me, that's when I tucked it in… and when he hit me I just turned around and started doing a flip," said Jackson.

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Family is first and Adoree' Jackson's family was proud of his team's victory. As Adoree' puts it, "they were happy, of course because we came away with a state championship but it wasn't an 'ooh wow' or surprise because we did it. They expected that we always had the ability to do that."

"I know my dad watched it on TV. I don't know if anybody else did, but I know he did, and I'm pretty sure he showed everybody," said Jackson.

Although Adoree' said he hasn't talked to many schools lately, he did say that UCLA and Northwestern congratulated him on the state championship win via Facebook.

The 2012 CIF State Championship was the last football game that Jackson will play with seniors like Hill, Marques Rodgers and many others.

"It was a great thing to see him (Marques). Before the game he was like … 'Yeah, I'm about to get a buck and three touchdowns,' while we were all out to eat on Friday night. He was determined and wanted to go out and have a big game. This was his last time putting on a show for the people of Serra. It was nice to see a senior like that who should probably have more offers than he has. Just coming out and doing what he's doing makes people look at him like, 'who is that?' So it was just nice to see him make those plays," said Jackson of Rodgers.

Marques Rodgers lived up to his promise and scored three touchdowns in the first quarter. The Cavaliers had Oakdale on the ropes shortly after the game started and went on to win 42-15.

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Next up for Adoree' is basketball season where he plays the two-spot or point depending on the situation. "I think I'm going to go out with the team probably sometime next week. I'm going to try to get back out there with them and get in the flow of everything, get in the rhythm," Jackson told CLA.

Adoree' plans on getting a good amount of playing time for the Serra Cavaliers varsity hoops team this season and we'll do our best at CLA to bring you more exclusive coverage. Stay-tuned.

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