Bullard Shocks Long Beach Poly with Buzzer Beater: Walter Orr Deep Three-Pointer Wins Game

Similar to how Robert Horry caught the tipped rebound vs the Sacramento Kings to sink a three-pointer during the Lakers string of 3 NBA Titles, Bullard's Walter Orr caught a ricochet of Jordan Bell's monstrous block off the glass and caused pandemonium in the gym.

Bullard High School's Walter Orr shocks LB Poly HS Basketball team with an incredible buzzer-beater to win over the Jackrabbits. Orr's three-pointer at the buzzer was launched from just inside half court and the Bullard High School team stunned the Nationally-ranked LB Poly High School Jackrabbits to advance and face Mater Dei in the CIF Southern Regional Divsion I Boy's Basketball Finals.