Gardena Serra wins over Mira Costa 27-20, Remains Unbeaten

Emerald Faletuipapai (OL/2013): Serra Captain Talks About Win vs Mira Costa

Today's game came up to the fourth quarter. Coach told us to come into this game and compete. I feel like we didn't come into the game as ready and focused as the other games we've played. We underestimated them from the beginning of the first half.

The score settled at a 20 to 20 tie as we went to the locker room. In the locker room we talked about making up for the mistakes we made in the first half and that when we come out the second half we have to focus and play "Serra Football."

Coach reminded us that we had to keep playing for each other and not for ourselves. Also, just knowing that this team is bigger than us. We came out second half and struggling to get some stops as Mira Costa kept running up the clock and keeping the ball on the ground.

We only had two possessions in the second half, but that didn't hurt us. Our defense came out again and prevailed over their offense. To close out the game Inoke Raikadroka came in with the kill and sacked their quarterback for a great ending to the came. As a team we learned to not take any team lightly and to not underestimate anybody. It was a lesson learned and we hope to keep each other accountable and keep loving one another and getting things done on and off the field.

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Emerald Faletuipapai (OL/2013)