Adoree' Jackson Breaks Down Top 10 List of Schools

Nation's Top Recruit Talks Top 10

The list has been officially narrowed. Serra's Adoree' Jackson recently dropped his list of top 10 schools on Twitter and CLA caught up with the 2014 All-American in this exclusive interview. Adoree' talks about each school and how they made his list.

Throughout the season many people have speculated that Jackson is leaning one way or another, but you can get the real deal right here.

"I talked to my dad about it and he said he doesn't really care where I go, and he just wanted to make sure I'm doing it for me and for nobody else, and that it's the best fit for me. And the same thing with my mother, she wants to make sure they have a good education for me and for my sports career as well. Basically, I already had most of the schools in mind, so it wasn't a hard decision," Jackson told CLA Sports yesterday.

"I had to take a lot of things into consideration for myself as a man and for my sports career," said Adoree'.

Adoree' Jackson CLA Year in Review

Adoree' on Florida Gators

"Florida, it was a no-brainer because obviously they're great at track and great at football. When I was younger I said I was gonna go to Florida and win the Heisman my freshman year and win the NCAA championship in basketball and win the BCS bowl. They did that in the '07 run w/ Tebow and Joakim Noah."

Adoree' on Florida State Noles

"Florida State's in the ACC but they play like an SEC school, they always play the big dogs, great teams. They always have a great record. It's just something about when you watch the games and that atmosphere and the tomahawk chop. The coaching staff, I talk to Pruitt and Brewster. They recruit me well. When he told me about the track team I didn't know they were that good."

"The Deion (Sanders) thing was a big deal for me when they first called. I talked to the Florida State coach and he told me he offered me and I was just thinking about Deion. Deion wearing that No. 2, you know bringing that swagger to the game… and actually I thought of Greg Reid when he was at Florida State, as well. Two great corners with return skills. Then I thought of myself in that position, like Deion, having that swagger, lockin' down at corner, just havin' fun out there."

"Soon, hopefully I'll have some time to chop it up with him (Deion)," Adoree' said.

Adoree' on Hometown Illinois

"Illinois, my hometown favorite, growing up in Illinois. As a young kid that wanted to play it was Dee Brown and Deron WIlliams. I wanted to play basketball at Illinois. The orange and blue… it's close to home. They had some good DBs come out, and I feel like if I go there I can be that next big thing and represent for my home state and just put on for my city."

Adoree' on LSU Tigers

"LSU. To start off, DB university. They're going to produce you to get to the league. Other than that, track. Crazy track team. They fight with Florida for either 1 or 2 in NCAA, that's crazy. Like I said, DBU, SEC, they got swagger down there. That was a no-brainer, they're going to produce you."

Adoree' on Michigan Wolverines

"Michigan. Big-10. I'm from Illinois so you hear about them. Michigan vs Ohio State. Charles Woodson. Great. Probably the best player to ever come out of Michigan. He was doing what I'm doing in high school but he was at the next level, in college. That's something that I wanna do… be that defensive threat and then get my reps in on offense, and play special teams. He won a Heisman so you know that means a lot. The coaching staff as well, they've been around to the league, they've seen the best, so they know what they're doing."

"The Fab 5, I know about them but I don't know too much about it."

"I made a group with these dudes at my high school during track season my freshman year (Belleville, IL). It was me, Markel Lewis, Brandon Mason, it was Marquee and the other one was Cortez, that was our Fab Five. We turned it into a track thing… it was everybody that came from the football team that went to run track."

"The thought of that is like 'here I am.' That's what you dream about. They tell me about the big crowds and being sold out. That's one of the biggest things I dream about up until this day. I just wanna make plays for everybody to see. I think that brings out the competitor and the swagger more when you have fans looking at you. You want to look at them like 'I'm gonna put on a show for you.' You know what you could do on the field and you wanna show everybody."

"It means something because you wanna build a class that you feel comfortable with. For me and the (Jabrill) Peppers situation, that's a corner that's similar to me and we could do a lot of the same things, and if you just look at that you've got confidence on the other side. Like I said, 'me and Jabrill on the field, that's a scary sight.' You don't really think of having two great corners on the same team… that's rare."

"(Wilton) Speight at the quarterback position, you want somebody who's good so when you're practicing they can go hard at you and you can compete. As for Drake (Harris) as a receiver, he's a great receiver, so you just want to compete with them everyday, day-in and day-out. That's going to be a decision for me, making sure we have a great quarterback and great receivers. I want to make sure the receivers are sound so we can all get better."

Adoree' Talks Notre Dame

"Notre Dame. Another school that's close to home and you know that always plays a factor. Tradition. I talk to them a lot about the academics and the alumni. The alumni are united everywhere. Academics are great and that's one of the things that's going be a factor in my decision."

"They're are a solid football team, and I don't think many people thought they were going have the year that they had. They have years when they're on top and some years when they're average, so for them to go undefeated means something to me."

"It showed me what teamwork was. They had a few superstars, but they showed team work. They all came fundamentally sound together. They had one goal, one mindset. You want great teamwork where everyone's on the same page."

Adoree' on Oklahoma State Cowboys

"Oklahoma State's in the Big-12. They throw the ball. Spread offense, you're getting the ball thrown your way. For me being a DB, you just wanna get tested. That was one of the things with Oklahoma State. I just want to get my hands on the ball as much as possible on the defensive side."

"They've talked to me about the facilities and the coaches told me about their background. My dad went out there and fell in love with it. Me and my dad are kinda like the same person. If he liked it then I know I'd like it as well, and I said I'll have to check it out."

Adoree' on Tennessee VolNation

"To be honest, when I first got my offer, it was like 'okay it's an SEC school.' I was pumped but I wasn't really thinking about going to Tennessee. But after I got to talk to the coaches and stuff like that I actually started getting interested in the school. Again, it's close to home."

"I knew they're track team was good, but I didn't know there were that good. That was a big thing."

Adoree' Talks UCLA Bruins

"UCLA. The coaching staff won me over. I wasn't feeling them like that really, but I talked to the coaching staff and Jim Mora was a great NFL coach and he's transformed that whole team (UCLA) around. Coach Demetrius Martin, great recruiting coach, great DB coach.. it's the connection we have. Coach (Adrian) Klemm. It's that comfort factor and it's a great place to be around, and the academics are great… and the facilities."

"The fact that they did better than they did last year, and I know the type of coach that Jim Mora is and I know he's not satisfied with that. You want to be around a coach who's not satisfied with average."

"If you've got high expectations and know what you can do and know how great you can be, he (Mora) wants to do that. Get back to the BCS Championship game, get back to a bowl game and dominate."

Adoree' on USC Trojans

"When I first started playing football I watched a highlight film and it was Reggie Bush, No. 5 with the rock in his hands… running back. That's when I played running back and I always said I'd go to USC and do the same things he did and be a Trojan, have fun out there and tear it up."

"I had never even went to the campus, I just went to a game. I was like 'okay this is pretty cool.' Then I went to the campus and talked to Marqise Lee and Robert Woods, George (Farmer) and all them. They talked to me about the academics."

"Tee Martin is a cool recruiting coach. Coach (Clancy) Pendergast is gonna turn the defense around and do something great and then Lane Kiffin with the offense. They should do something crazy this season."

"University of Serra Cavaliers, that's what they always call it. I don't think that's going weigh on me if I go there of if I don't. I just want to do what's best for me. I don't think a trend or a train will have any factor on my decision."